Jason Hardware Co., Ltd. Donated to the Major Poverty School in Guangxi

SUPPORT EDUCATION, BUILD A FUTURE. Jason Hardware Enterprise knows that fighting poverty by Improving Education is the key to help the poverty. therefore, Jason Hardware Enterprise has been committed to help the poverty area.

The Lishi village of Mati Town in Longsheng County is a national major poverty village. It is about 160 kilometers away from Guilin City and more than 60 kilometers away from Longsheng County. It is located in a remote area with mountains and rivers, and gullies and ridges. With  2,200 people in the village and an average annual net income only CNY 1,000 , it is one of the most impoverished, remote and looking for work difficulties natural villages in Longsheng County

     On Sep 24th, 2019, Jason Hardware Enterprise and Jindu Town of Gaoyao District donated a total of CNY 10,600 to the Primary School of Madi Town, Longsheng County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province. Dedicated love with practical actions to warm the poor mountainous areas. Helps rural teachers and students in China's poverty areas improve their lives, improve their quality, and promote the development of local basic education.    

Jason Hardware Enterprise Co., Ltd. actively participates in social welfare, and carries forward the tradition of selfless dedication and helping others with practical actions, continuously transmitting positive energy and achieving double harvest of economic and social benefits.